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Below is a listing of available puppies from H.O.L.A. Breeder Members. The onus is on the purchaser to insure that the breeder that they choose to purchase from is completing the most up to date test on there breeding stock and that they have investigated all concerns that breeders today are facing. In no way does H.O.L.A. endorse or recommend any breeders to anyone, this list is to simply make it easier for a purchaser to see quickly what may be available.

* Available puppies will be listed as*

(Cream Males, Cream Females, Black Males, Black Females, Chocolate Males, Chocolate Females,
Sable Males, Sable Females, Parti Males, Parti Females, Pied Males, Pied Females)

Breeder: Ashstone Kennel

Date Puppies Born: December 16, 2010

Number of puppies born: 5

Available Puppies:  1 Parti M 1 Cream F

Sire: Ashstone's Do U Believe In Magic

Dam: Ashstone's I'm Your Dreamgirl


Telephone: 705-534-7654

Date Posted: May 15, 2011



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